A Family Dentist Shares Ideas for Kids’ Lunches for Healthy Teeth

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One family dentist sets out to educate parents on the types of foods to pack for their kids’ lunch. High in nutritional value, these foods help boosts energy and discourage weight gain. The recommended lunches promote healthy teeth as well. Although most parents strive to make their children great lunches, it is easy to become sidetracked. You can get back to packing delicious and healthy lunches with these tips.

Easy process

Some parents feel it takes too much time or costs too much money to pack a lunch that promotes healthy teeth. The fact is that it takes little time and can actually reduce the amount of spending. With an endless list of possibilities, it comes down to selecting foods that kids will eat. While children eat lunch, parents find comfort knowing the food reduces the risk of cavities.


Saying the word “vegetables” in front of a child usually prompts an immediate look of disgust. However, parents can choose from all types of veggies that taste great and promote healthy teeth. One family dentist recommends carrots, celery, cucumbers and even bell peppers. To make them more enticing, parents can also pack a small container of dressing, hummus, cream cheese, salsa or peanut butter.

Do not forget the cheese

Since most kids love cheese and considering it is high in phosphorus and calcium, this is a great choice for a packed lunch. Both of these minerals keep enamel strong. Also, the process of chewing cheese increases the production of saliva. This is good considering that saliva works as a natural defense against cavities and gum disease. When packed as part of lunch, a child will quickly devour a container of bite-sized cheese.

Choose the right fruit

Not all fruit are high in sugar and carbohydrates, both things that lead to tooth decay. A family dentist encourages parents to select the right kind of fruit. Some of the most delicious fruit that keep teeth healthy include apples, strawberries and bananas. To make lunch more fun, parents should think about cutting fruit into cool shapes. This especially helps when kids are not overly fond of fruit.

Include seeds and nuts

A family dentist encourages seeds and nuts. These contain a high level of protein. Many types also provide calcium, folic acid, fiber, vitamin D and healthy fats. Folic acid is particularly helpful. This mineral prevents periodontal disease and preserves gum tissue. Although whole almonds are ideal, a child may damage a tooth when biting down, so go with the slivered kind.

Things to avoid according to a family dentist

Along with the delicious foods that parents can add to their child’s lunch are some to avoid. A family dentist says to stay away from anything high in sugar and carbohydrates. When mixed with saliva, bacteria start an acid-forming process that damages enamel. Especially for kids that do not brush after lunch, this can quickly lead to tooth decay. Also, fruit juices and chewy candy should not make it to the list of possible choices for a kid’s lunch.

Make lunch fun

Packing foods recommended by a family dentist combined with your creativity will make your kid happy. Think of ways you can make lunch more delicious, healthy and aesthetically pleasing. That way, your child will look forward to eating. The more good foods your kid consumes, the less risk of developing cavities.

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