Visit Our Cosmetic Dentist Office for Dental Laminates

Dental LaminatesIf you want to improve your smile, visit our Babylon cosmetic dentist office for dental laminates. This is an easy way to transform the appearance of your smile from drab to spectacular.  Whether you have misshapen teeth, damaged teeth or teeth that no longer look youthful, laminates are diverse enough to correct the problem.  In fact, there are very few things that cannot be fixed with this procedure.  That is why we use them to complete both full smile makeovers and dental restorations.

What you should know about dental laminates:

Dental laminates are also known as dental veneers. Upon visiting our cosmetic dentist office, we will examine the patient's teeth and take X-rays to determine if the patient is a strong candidate for dental laminates. While most people are strong candidates, others may not be. If a patient's tooth is severely damaged, we may suggest restoring it with a dental crown instead. We will also discuss what a patient does not like about his or her smile in detail so that we can create a plan for addressing those issues.

To prepare the patient's teeth for dental laminates, we will need to remove a small portion of the enamel. Laminates or veneers are incredibly thin shells made of porcelain. While laminates are only .5 to .6 mm thick, we need to remove a portion of the enamel so that the laminates do not stand out or make the teeth appear overly large. Once we finish preparing the teeth, we will secure temporary laminates while we create the permanent ones in the dental lab. Patients may need to wear the temporary laminates for a week or two. During that time, the patient will want to avoid biting into anything directly and stick with soft foods that will not dislodge the temporary laminates. When the final set of laminates is ready, the patient will need to return to our cosmetic dentist office. We will remove the temporaries and bind the permanent ones into place using dental cement. Once secure, the patient will be able to return to a normal diet.

Note: there are some types of laminates that are so thin that your enamel will not be removed.  The decision to do so is based on the type of laminate and your natural teeth so we will discuss these options with you during your consultation.

How dental laminates are used:

There are several ways to use them to improve your smile.  The most common is to brighten dull teeth that have become stained.  It is common for teeth to lose their luster over time and to become stained. While teeth whitening can help, there are some stains that are difficult to remove and laminates can cover those teeth to complete your smile transformation.

Since laminates cover your natural teeth, we can also use them to close gaps between your teeth, change the shape of your teeth, make your teeth appear straight and much more. This can all be done in our Babylon dental office in far less time than it would take to use other solutions like orthodontics.

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