4 Reasons Not to Delay Getting a Root Canal

Thinking about delaying your root canal therapy treatment? Not a good idea. Waiting to have one of your damaged teeth treated can result in ultimately losing the tooth. Root canals are performed as a last resort treatment option, a necessary procedure to ensure that your tooth is saved vs. losing it forever. Dental professionals always recommend that their patients undergo any necessary procedures to save their damaged teeth. Teeth are designed to last your entire life, and if there is a chance for saving a tooth in jeopardy, then this chance must be taken. If you delay treatment and accordingly lose your tooth, then it would be necessary for you to find a tooth replacement option.

About root canals

Want more information on the importance of a root canal? Root canals are a common treatment option for dental patients who have a tooth that is infected. This infection will lead to losing the tooth unless this therapy treatment option is performed in a timely manner. The process requires a dental professional to remove all the infected pulp within the tooth and then replace it with a dental material that returns its integrity. Three common reasons someone would need to undergo root canal treatment include severe decay, a crack or chip in the tooth or having a faulty crown.

Four reasons to not delay getting a root canal

The following is a list of reasons anyone who is in need of a root canal should not delay making an appointment.

1. The infection will continue to worsen until treated

A tooth infection does not heal on its own. Instead, it is necessary for a dental professional to treat the damaged tooth in order to repair it so it can once again be useable. Untreated tooth infections can potentially spread to the rest of the body, causing overall body issues that can potentially be life-threatening.

2. The pain will only increase over time

An infected tooth causes pain. This pain can be minimal in the beginning but tends to become more severe over time. Once the root canal treatment process is over, any pain the patient was experiencing is now gone.

3. You can avoid being diagnosed with an abscess

Avoiding root canal treatment supports more bacteria growth, which can potentially lead to an abscess. A dental abscess needs treatment right away!

4. Root canals save teeth from being lost forever

Root canals are performed with the purpose of saving teeth, preventing the tooth loss that can lead to a patient experiencing additional oral problems.

Are you currently in need of root canal therapy?

If you already know that you need a root canal in order to save your damaged tooth and have been putting off the procedure, we encourage you to not delay the procedure any longer. The four reasons we listed above are to help you understand the importance of getting your necessary root canal as soon as possible. The last thing you want to happen is for your damaged tooth to actually fall out of your mouth, making it necessary for you to choose a tooth replacement option so you can continue having a healthy mouth.

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