Nutrition Tips From a General Dentist for a Healthier Mouth and Smile

A General Dentistgeneral dentist is concerned with helping patients achieve a more beautiful smile, as well as a healthier mouth overall. One of the ways they help patients is by providing them with useful information to ensure their nutritional intake does not harm the appearance or health of their teeth.

General dentist tips for a healthy mouth

By understanding how to keep a healthy mouth and avoiding foods and drinks that can negatively impact the health of teeth, you can ensure that your smile is always healthy and looking great. The following are four useful nutrition tips from a general dentist on how to keep a healthy mouth and smile.

Drink water throughout the day

Throughout the day, what we eat can get stuck in between our teeth. When this occurs, the food can begin to break down and cause an acidic reaction that when combined with the bacteria in our mouth, can ultimately lead to enamel erosion or stained teeth. By drinking water throughout the day, it is easier to keep these food particles and bacteria washed away and off our teeth and gums, allowing patients to keep a healthy mouth and avoid their teeth becoming stained. Additionally, there may not be an easier oral care technique than simply sipping on water occasionally throughout the day.

Limit your number of snacks

One of the biggest mistakes that patients who suffer from poor oral health or cosmetic concerns make is eating too many snacks throughout the day that are simply bad for their teeth. Keep in mind that just because a snack is healthy, it does not necessarily suggest that it is good for enamel. Citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons, along with potato chips and bread, are bad for teeth because the carbohydrates can break down quickly and cause erosion. It is best to limit snacks and brush after a snack is consumed.

Eat a balanced diet

Perhaps one of the best and most useful nutrition tips to follow is to eat a balanced diet that contains foods from all food groups. By doing so, the pH balance inside the mouth can be maintained at a healthy level. Although eating a balanced diet may take extra preparation and determination, it is a great way to ensure that you are able to maintain a healthy smile and a mouth.

Limit foods high in sugar

Limiting foods high in sugar is perhaps one of the more obvious nutrition tips from a general dentist when it comes to keeping a healthier mouth and smile. While eating a cookie or two once in a while is not the end of the world, be mindful of the effect that diets high in sugar can have on your teeth. If there is a day where more sugar is consumed than normal, then be sure to take extra time and ensure brushing is done correctly and mouthwash and floss are used.

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