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While dentures are relatively easy to take care of, how long they last will largely depend on how well they are cared for. If you have a brand new set of dentures, the following denture care tips should help prolong their life.

It is unlikely that anyone who purchases a new set of dentures and goes through the sometimes challenging 'breaking in' period is going to want to repeat the process any sooner than absolutely necessary. Although dentures do not last forever, taking proper care of them will ensure that they both fit better and last longer. As you will see, when it comes to taking care of your dentures, most denture care tips are little more than a few basic ground rules and a sensible routine which, together, will pay large dividends.

Tips on Taking Good Care of Your Dentures

  • Drink Plenty of Fluids: You need to be especially vigilant about drinking plenty of fluids, which increases the production of saliva. A moist mouth maintains a seal that keeps your dentures from slipping. Without adequate saliva, your dentures can irritate your gums.
  • Avoid Liquids That Stain: Some of the worst liquids that stain both natural teeth and dentures are coffee, tea, soy sauce, red wine, and other sugary beverages. The general rule is that if the liquid can stain your T-shirt, it will also stain your dentures. If consumed in moderation, these liquids may not do any serious damage, especially if you rinse your dentures out soon after consumption. However, if the stains become really bad, they may have to go through a professional cleaning.
  • Watch What You Eat: While most people who wear dentures can eat almost anything they like, you need to be aware that certain foods like popcorn can damage your dentures, especially if you chew on a kernel. In addition, your gums can develop sore spots if pieces of hard food get under the dentures.
  • Clean Them Regularly: Dentures have to be cleaned on a regular basis, which means at least twice a day. This both removes plaque and debris, while also helping to prevent the development of permanent stains on the surface. Although they are very tough, dentures are not quite as durable as natural tooth enamel. Dentures can sustain damage by commercial toothpaste and by hard-bristled brushes. Use a brush with soft bristles that are specifically designed to clean dentures. Also, use either a special toothpaste that is made for dentures or gentle hand soap. Be very careful not to damage the plastic or any of the attachments. Never use bleach on your dentures as this can fade the pink portions.
  • Remove At Night: Removing your dentures every night allows your gums to rest and avoids damaging the dentures if you grind your teeth in your sleep.
  • Keep Dentures Moist: If dentures dry out, they can lose their shape, which is why it is imperative that they are kept moist at all times. When you take them out at night, soak the dentures in cool water since hot water can warp them. If they do not have metal attachments, you can use a special soaking solution. This, however, is not a substitute for regular brushing.
  • Handle Carefully: It is entirely possible that your dentures will crack or break if they fall onto a hard surface. Therefore, it is advisable that you place a folded towel or some other kind of liner in the sink before you begin to brush them. The liner will break their fall should you happen to drop them.
  • See Your Babylon Dentist Regularly: Over a period of time, dentures that used to fit perfectly may become loose, which is usually caused by normal wear and tear and/or natural changes in the shape of the gums and jawbone resulting from age. Depending on the problem, your dentures can be relined with a cushioning material that will enable them to fit more snugly and comfortably while extending their life.

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